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Designing A Premium Collection of Reliable Washing Machine Trolleys...

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We, Vishwachhaya Industries, realized that their was an extreme need for Washing Machine Trolleys in the marketplace. However, the supply for same was not at par with such demands. The quantities and designs that were being offered before 2012 were too simple and not the most reliable. This motivated us to enter the market and bring a revolution to the industry. We started designing most practical, durable and robust Washing Machine Trolleys. Under the brand name 'Vishwachhaya', we started bringing forth bulk quantities of trendy Non-Adjustable Washing Machine Trolleys, Heavy Duty Washing Machine Trolleys, Front Load Washing Machine Trolleys, Top/Front Heavy Non Adjustable Washing Machine, Trolley & Stand, etc. These helped many in making their machines easily portable. Gone were the days of dragging or picking up machines to change its position. Now one could simply pull the trolleys slightly. This not just made the task easier for users but also protected their floor from damages, scratches and much more. This impressive range made us a popular manufacturer and supplier of the sector. Our plan is to keep offering this highly reliable range of trolleys to clients even in the future with an aim to attain maximum satisfaction. 

Quality- Our Promise

We believe that there is no point in offering trendy, compact and easy to use Washing Machine Trolleys if one cannot offer high quality. Yes, the designs and user friendliness is important but quality always comes first. Our company never compromises on quality of the offerings. Constantly, the use of high grade raw materials (mild steel, PVC material, to 5.2mm, 58mm) high grade rubber material, super heavy gauge metal body with rubber ball bearing castor wheel, castor wheel 12 mm 65 mm, hex bolt, hex mold in HDP material, PVC cap in virgin material, 6mm nylock nut with 12mm x 65mm & 5.2 mm x 58mm pin, etc. is made to produce our trolleys. Further, we make sure that each produced trolley undergoes a series of quality & design tests. Conducting these, we confirm the durability, robustness as well as compliance to standards of our Top/Front Heavy Non Adjustable Washing Machine, Trolley & Stand, etc.

What Makes Us The Best?
  • Our company assures that all of our clients are treated with respect in a professional manner.
  • Our enterprise is acclaimed for facilitating prompt delivery services at all times.
  • Our company makes sure that all the clients are rendered with premium customer support.
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